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advertising options

what is needed to start my mobile billboard advertising campaign?

A signed contract and your deposit will get your mobile campaign underway.

how long do campaigns run?

They can be in blocks of 4 hours minimum and programmed 1 or several times a week. Once you purchase your skin its use is unlimited and the installation charge is minimal.

how much will it cost?

All the billboard trucks are designed for different jobs and have different charge out rates. Once you own the skins, the only cost is truck hire and sign installation cost. Conditions apply.

how long does it take to have an ad truck on the road?

Our standard turn around is approximately 3 days subject to workload, creative and artwork for your mobile ad skin.

what else does ad trucks offer?

ad trucks can provide a portfolio of creative, unique and visually effective advertising ideas. We can assist with your billboard design if required.
ad trucks can verify routes [using GPS] so you know the campaign is following the route designated and is measurable.
ad trucks can make recommendations for the best solution based upon your target market.

I am interested in hiring an ad truck

Contact us today to:

  • Discuss your campaign.
  • Find out the added advantage of using multi ad trucks.
  • See how you can measure results.
  • Discuss ad truck billboard sizes.
  • Check availability.
  • Obtain an ad truck price quote.
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design the perfect billboard

design the perfect billboard
On average a billboard is only viewed for 7 seconds – make the message simple.
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look what you get on an ad truck

look what you get on an ad truck
Skins can be changed in minutes and reused as often as desired.
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direct, efficient, immediate

direct, efficient, immediate
ad truck billboards can go where other media can’t driving awareness and engagement
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watch ad trucks in action  
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company profile

We created ad trucks to promote this innovative new form of advertising.

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why ad trucks are so good

Billboard advertising is all about ‘getting your message across’ to your target audience and
this is where ad truck advertising has a distinct advantage.

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